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Ls2Capi Reference

This reference database is based on Lotus C API Reference 6.0.2. The entries marked with cannot be used in LotusScript either because they represent macros, variable argument functions or are pure extension manager callbacks. Entries using callbacks contain a warning as they may be used only in limited way. The documents that do not contain any additional information regarding their use in LotusScript are grayed out (although still clickable). Usually these entries define function, structures or values that cannot be used from LotusScript.

Some of these entries have been translated from earlier toolkit version, although material changes in structure definitions from version to version has been extremely rare.

From copyright considerations I do not re-use any help text from the original Lotus C API Reference. The icon next to the entry title links to the corresponding entry in C API Toolkit online documentation.

LotusScript definitions for some entries are marked with (). In this case the code is either suspect, unverified or requires a special care in application. The usual cases are structures that have incorrect alignment and multiple function declarations each of which can be used in specific circumstances. I will try to add comments as soon as possible.

Include file in LotusScript section: %include {editdflt} implies the use of editdflt.lss file that is LotusScript translated version of editdflt.h header file used by C code. If the LotusScript version of the header file is available on site the link becomes clickable. Alternatively it is possible to copy-paste only particular constants and structures we are interested in.

As a rule, structure definitions can be used in the same way on all operating systems except on iSeries.

Function declarations for different operating systems are prefixed with W32, TUX, MAC, SUN, OS400 for Windows, Linux (Intel), MacOS or OS X, Solaris (SPARC) and OS/400. Declarations for OS/400 assume the use of Ls2Capi wrapper (libdomw.srvpgm) instead of libnotes.srvpgm.

Please take this effort for what it is: an experimental collections of best guess suggestions. Some entries can be plain incorrect. They have been generated automatically, reviewed and some tested, but not all of them. Please post your comments if you find any problems.

You can post comments and suggestions directly to particular documents. They will all show up both directly below the document and in discussions views.