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Hide details for [<span class="date">02/10/2016</span>]02/10/2016
calling function from libnotesws.dylib (Werner Goetz, 02/10/2016 11:37:23 AM)
Hide details for [<span class="date">04/09/2014</span>]04/09/2014
SECNABAddCertificate (Michael Garcia, 04/09/2014 10:01:49 AM)
Hide details for [<span class="date">04/03/2014</span>]04/03/2014
SECNABAddCertificate (Michael Garcia, 04/03/2014 10:33:03 PM)
Hide details for [<span class="date">05/12/2013</span>]05/12/2013
Simulating unsigned integer arith in LS (for buffer length arguments etc) (Geoff Moore, 05/12/2013 08:33:53 AM)
Hide details for [<span class="date">09/04/2012</span>]09/04/2012
NSFDbSetExtendedInfo // NSFDbGetExtendedInfo (Maximilian Holup, 09/04/2012 06:04:48 AM)
Hide details for [<span class="date">12/23/2011</span>]12/23/2011
Hide details for [<a href="/web/ls2capi/ls2capihome.nsf/vwThreads/65D4E97AB263B5E88625796F002967C9?OpenDocument" target="_top">ODS_ASSISTSTRUCT (Kenneth Haggman, 12/23/2011 01:32:15 AM)
ODS_ASSISTSTRUCT (Normunds Kalnberzins, 12/23/2011 04:25:14 AM)
Hide details for [<span class="date">01/14/2011</span>]01/14/2011
Hide details for [<a href="/web/ls2capi/ls2capihome.nsf/vwThreads/A9F03D6EF68056318625781800599A54?OpenDocument" target="_top">Is it possible to change the icon of a attachment? (Kenneth Haggman, 01/14/2011 10:18:42 AM)
Is it possible to change the icon of a attachment? (Normunds Kalnberzins, 01/15/2011 03:24:07 AM)
Hide details for [<span class="date">10/06/2010</span>]10/06/2010
REGGetIDInfo (Matthieu Leblond, 10/06/2010 09:54:56 AM)
Hide details for [<span class="date">05/04/2010</span>]05/04/2010
Anyone got OSLoadProgram to work under Mac OS X? (Jeremias Mueller, 05/04/2010 01:28:13 PM)
Hide details for [<span class="date">02/17/2010</span>]02/17/2010
NSFDbGetModifiedNoteTable using a TIMEDATE (Adam Bridger, 02/17/2010 03:28:47 PM)
Hide details for [<span class="date">01/02/2010</span>]01/02/2010
Hide details for [<a href="/web/ls2capi/ls2capihome.nsf/vwThreads/93EBA80008D5F9E28625769F002AD7B1?OpenDocument" target="_top">W32_EnumCompositeBuffer (Ulrich Krause, 01/02/2010 01:47:57 AM)
W32_EnumCompositeBuffer (Ulrich Krause, 01/05/2010 04:46:45 AM)
Hide details for [<span class="date">12/29/2009</span>]12/29/2009
Hide details for [<a href="/web/ls2capi/ls2capihome.nsf/vwThreads/837CEA76ABAFB9708625769B004E5B01?OpenDocument" target="_top">How to get the size of an embedded picture (Ulrich Krause, 12/29/2009 08:15:51 AM)
How to get the size of an embedded picture (Ulrich Krause, 01/05/2010 04:46:16 AM)
Hide details for [<span class="date">06/30/2009</span>]06/30/2009
Show details for [<a href="/web/ls2capi/ls2capihome.nsf/vwThreads/8FE4B37871AC75A7852575E500451EE7?OpenDocument" target="_top">Problem with porting to AIX (Werner Krause, 06/30/2009 08:34:58 AM)