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Main topic: Is it possible to change the icon of a attachment?

Is it possible to change the icon of a attachment? (by Normunds Kalnberzins, 01/15/2011 03:24:07 AM)

You could really say that it's not "that hard". All you need is to find the bitmap structure in attachment hotspot and replace it with something you like better.

There is an additional twist however. In Notes 6 and before, not sure about 7, you got a bitmap with a filename on it. Unless for smtp mail attachments, that use still a special way to add the caption. Since Notes 8 you got a "generic" bitmap and caption. So doing "it" on old documents, you might need to enter also the caption CD.

As an aside, DXL export/import, last I checked, chokes on this last bit. It exports attachment icon and caption, but imports only icon and no caption. So good for old docs, screw-up for freshly created in 8.5 or some such.