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Main topic: VB problem

VB problem (by Kenneth Haggman, 10/04/2008 08:37:20 AM)

Hi again Normunds,

I have tried, for some time now, to get an extended version of your sample "Retrieval of Notes Rich Text and callbacks" to work.

Your sample code works perfect - nothing wrong there.

My problem is that I can't understand how to get a CDFIELD type populated once the code has recognised that we have indeed found a field.

I know I am in a field by checking RecordType, like so:

If (RecordType = SIG_CD_FIELD) Then ...

I have looked at the C API samle named "readform" and I have tried to use RecordPtr as a pointer to populate the structure.


p = RecordPtr

ODSReadMemory p, ODS_CDFIELD, cd_field, 1

This won't work.

I have tries numerous variations to this by trying to read smaller pieces of data and populate the struct that way.

No matter what I try, the ODSReadMemory bombs out.

Obviously, the RecordPtr variable can't be used the way I try to use it.

But how do I then go about to populate the structure?

Thankful for any help here.