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Main topic: Need to create a valid UniversalID string without using document.UniversalID

AFAIK you can use any 32 char hex string (by Andreas Bisiach, 06/19/2006 09:02:39 AM)

Thanks, I was afraid that the DBID+TIMEDATE+DBID+TIMEDATE had to be respected.

Following your suggestion I have built this (that is the nearest thing I can think of for generating 32 Hex representation of 4 DWORDS)

Private Function GetUnid As String   

   Dim Mask As String

   Dim S As String

   Dim I As Integer

   Dim X As Long



   For I = 1 To 8


      X = Fix(Rnd * 65536)

      S = Hex(X)

      Mid(Mask,5-Len(S)) = Hex(X)

      GetUnid = GetUnid + Mask


End Function

Thanks for the help