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Main topic: Getting the Modified In this file for a Deletion Stub?

Getting the Modified In this file for a Deletion Stub? (by Morten Gulliksen, 12/05/2007 11:51:55 AM)

Hi I need to get a hold of the Modified in this file for a deletion stub.

The NSFNoteGetInfo() can provide this, but it needs a doc handle as an argument.

NSFOpenNotes gets a handle to a note using the NoteID, but returns an error for deletionstubs NoteIDs.

Any idea how to get a handle to the deletion stubs so I can use it in the NSFNoteGetInfo?

Or know of another way to get at the deletion stubs Modified in this file?

Alternatively know how I can get all deletion stubs from a database that has Modified in this file newer than date dd.mm.yy.


Morten Gulliksen