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Main topic: Can we have an alternative to EnumCompositeBuffer in LotusScript?

Can we have an alternative to EnumCompositeBuffer in LotusScript? (by Johnny Jiang, 10/26/2007 10:25:03 PM)

Hi Johnny,

What I meant about answers was more that if you post an answer in the

forum, you'd rather also remind me about it by email as may not always

check the forum regularly.

As for you question what you are doing is generally right. The item

type may be either TYPE_ACTION for $Actions items or TYPE_COMPOSITE

for rich text items. I do not remember the values by heart -- I think


Do not know when you get 0.

The structure of CD records is rather straightforward afterwards.

There are 3 types of records, so you can alway check the record type

byte and decide which one is used, then check signature to see if you

need this record and finally the record length - it depends on the

record type -- it could be byte, word or dword length record that

follows the signature. Not very simple, nut not exceptionally hard

either. Check the C API reference - it is clearly explained there.

I hope this helps (I'd appreciate if you post the question in forum so

any answer could benefit others having the same problem)