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Main topic: Export selected rows from view

Yes, I'd like to keep the view order within selected rows (by Ferenc Gogola, 12/01/2006 01:50:15 AM)

Thanks Normunds your quick reply. That is true, you have right it would be simpler with db.UnprocessedDocuments or NotesViewNavigator but...

I've found when I read from any NotesDocumentCollection that give me back docs according its own order as a rule according to NOTEID and not the view order.

When I use NotesViewNavigator the order is OK but I don't know what docs are selected.

The last way I get the UnprocessedDocuments or NotesUIView.Documents for selected docs and read all the view for order but this method with view that have ie. 100 000 docs is very time consumpting (5 minutes)and the time is growing linearly.

I'm finding the solution since very long time but I didn't find.

Thanks for any help.