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Main topic: Export selected rows from view

Export selected rows from view (by Ferenc Gogola, 11/30/2006 02:11:40 AM)

Hi, I have another problem for a long time. I'd like export only selected rows from a view but not all view. I've found a solution with db.UnprocessedDocuments and view.GetNextDocument but I have to read all the view to find documents from selected UnprocessedDocuments collection.

Here is my code:

   Dim sess As New NotesSession

   Dim wp As New NotesUIWorkspace

   Dim coll As NotesDocumentCollection

   Dim view As NotesView

   Dim doc As NotesDocument

   Dim tmp As NotesDocument

   Dim i As Variant


   Set coll = sess.CurrentDatabase.UnprocessedDocuments

   Set view = wp.CurrentView.View


   Set tmp = view.GetFirstDocument

   i = 0

   While Not tmp Is Nothing And i < coll.Count

      Set doc = coll.GetDocument(tmp)

      If Not doc Is Nothing Then

         My Code(......)

         i = i + 1

      End If

      Set tmp = view.GetNextDocument(tmp)


In small views this is fast enough but in views with hundreds of thousands of docs are very slow. I'd like to export also categories too than Notes tabular export but I need to keep the format of view.

Please help me, can I solve this problem with C API.

Thanks for any idea and help.