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Main topic: Compiling an @Formula in Visual Basic

Compiling an @Formula in Visual Basic (by Kenneth Haggman, 03/06/2007 12:16:33 PM)

Hi Normunds, long time no see.

I have previously successfully built a @Formula checker functionality in LotusScript/C API and now I need the same thing done in VB.

I'm getting very confused about what type of strings to use and if buffers need to be allocated and...

1. What sort of input must the NSFFormulaCompile have to work in VB? Must it be an LMBCS string?

2. Will I need to translate the @Formula string from VB format (native?) to LMBCS before I use it in NSFFormulaCompile?

Please help me out here, I am trying all sorts of variations but I either get OK every time from the NSFFormulaCompile API or not OK, no matter what the actual @Formula string contains.