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Main topic: Roles for User different than current user

Roles for User different than current user (by Reinhold Strobl, 03/09/2007 06:21:01 AM)

Hi Normunds, i purchased your book and find it great.

I am trying to use a couple of things - one of them is a functionality which i am looking for a long time - to find out the current user roles for a user in an application (like the 'effective access' button in the ACL).

I am quite far (thanks to your sample in the book) but got somehow now really stuck.

I able to get the accesslevel for any existing ACL entry including the roles.

What i really need is:

I want to define a user in a dialog (independent if he/she is explicitely in the ACL) and find out his/her ACL-roles.

My approach was the following:

I use NSFBuildNamesList to get all the groups for a person from the names.nsf.

(but up to now it takes just the local names.nsf)

Then I would fill the NAMES_LIST.Users with the group names in order to get the access by using 'ACLLookupAccess' - that would work (I tested it by filling .Users with hardcoded values)

All I need is to get the groups of the user.

Do you have an idea?