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Main topic: ODSReadmemory NotesRichtext item

ODSReadmemory NotesRichtext item (by Normunds Kalnberzins, 11/19/2006 08:57:31 AM)

few of remarks -- 1) you cannot access RT item in general if your document has not been save (you may call uidoc.Refresh True though as a a workaround), but 2) do not try to manipulate RT item open in UI -- in this case the item you obtain via NSFItemInfo is not the real backend item, but a converted version.

3) uidoc methods may return plain text, or at max copy RT between items, but IMO you have no access to this as RT.

As for the rest there are numerous examples in the book about using ODSReadMemory, so I hope you'll have it more clear once you you've finished with the book.

In any case handling of RT is highly complex. I assume you want to do this for one particular functionality -- we could try to discuss it and see you get it working; creating a general purpose RT tool will probably far outside anything you may want to invest in a single project.