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Main topic: Export selected rows from view

hm, a couple of ideas (by Normunds Kalnberzins, 12/02/2006 12:29:23 PM)

provided your view is sorted and you have unique keys -- you can loop through all unprocessedDocuments, obtain this key, create an array of keys and then use NotesView.GetAllEntriesByKey to create a sorted entry collection.

Another way would be to:

1) get the view navigator

2) go through unprocessedDocuments and use notesViewNavigator.GetEntry(NotesDocument) syntax to get the corresponding entry

3) use NotesEntry.getPosition() to find where you are

4) use returned positions to sort your result array

5) besides you can use NotesEntry.Parent to find out categories if any

This one is foolproof, and not particularly slow, I think.